Mustafa Calling Card

Mustafa Phone card is a prepaid calling card owned by NTT.
You can use this mustafa calling card to make international call from Singapore to :
mustafa calling card

Country Fixed Line Mobile

Mustafa prepaid card feature:

  • Crystal Clear IDD quality
  • No Connection Charge
  • PINless Dialilng (Registration or Topup)
    Customer Care Line: 64190702

Dialling instruction

  1. Dial 68239650
  2. Press 2 for Speed Dial
  3. Press 1 for new speed Dial
  4. Select Spead Dial Number+# key. Eg. 1+#
  5. Enter Destination Number+# Eg. 919123456789+#
  6. Speed Dial is set
  7. To Call using Speed Dial: Dial 68260790 then press speak dial number for the destination.+# key.

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