India Calling cards is getting cheaper

The improvement in our telecom technology make us can make cheaper international calls to India and can talk longer. Cheap overseas international calling card  keeps us connected with our family, business partners, relatives or our friends who are currently stay in overseas, such as in India.

Anyone who are looking for India phone card today have a lot choices of operators and calling card. These cheap international calling card that come with zero connection fees can be purchased for as low as $2.5¢ a minute or up to 400 minutes talk time for a $10 value credit of international phonecard.

When looking for international phonecard, you can go online and use the free tools provided by some website to find the cheapest rate and compare the rate. Here is some website which provide free phone card rate comparison and also you can buy online from them:
1. Calling card for india Online Shop
2. Call india Phonecard Online Shop
3. Australian Calling card

International calling cards are the best choice when it comes to international phone cards to call to overseas. Because its prepaid, it gives you more control over your budget and most importantly prepaid phonecard are easier to use. You get cheap India phone card rates while some India phone card companies charge you up to 80¢ a minute. Get phone card for india  that comes with no connection fees or hidden charges. Make sure you get what you pay for and make sure you are getting full value of your money.

Prepaid international phone card or online phone card must also be supported by a service that provide voice quality. Please also bear in mind that prepaid calling card have expiry date. Usually the expiry date is up to 6 months after first time use. Before you put an order for an India calling card, make sure to check if there are any service charges by the website that sells phone cards.

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  1. shuriti mathur - October 24th, 2008 at 3:27 am

    if you ask me ,reliance calling card is the best one around.have been using it for one year now and i get good voice quality,fast connections,and virtually zero call drops.i learnt that they slashed their effective calling rates this festive season to about 5.9 cents/min and are also giving away 120 mins free talktime to all their customers.Makes sense to go for it.

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