Sweet Talk Calling Card

SWEET TALK  Phone Card

sweet talk phone card
Sweet Talk  Phone card  Highlight
  • 24 Hrs Flat Rate
  • No Connection Fee
  • 12c per min. – Iran
  • 11.5c per min. – India
Available in $10, $20, and $50( with $5 bonus Free credit)
Connection Fee no connection Fee
Customer Service 1300 447 146
Available from  your local newsagent shop or you can buy online from :
australia phone card or australia calling card
SweetTalk Phone card Terms and Conditions
  • Phone card Rates shown per minute and based on local access dialing,
  • Satellite mobiles, mobiles & special number may be charged at higher rates.
  • Calling card Rates quoted to the cheapest city in the country.
  • Calls originating from mobile phones may be charged by the mobile phone carrier.
  • Calling cards Rates correct at 1st August 2007. Rates are subject to change without notice.
  • Local access fees applies, STD or regional fees may be charged by your local carrier to access our network.
  • Increment rating applies on all calls, more information & full terms and condition please contact customer support 1300 447 146.
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