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  • 24 Hours Flat Rates. No connection fee

  • 588 min. – Japan
  • 91min – Japan-mobile
  • 1218 min – Singapore

Bonus -
Connection Fee no connection Fee
Customer Service 1300 731 046
Rates Effective Rates correct as April, 2007
TIME Phone card Terms and Conditions
  • All rates GST inclusive.
  • Terms and conditions apply.
  • Phonecard expires 3 months from 1st use.
  • Local call charge apply from above local access numbers. (STD charges may apply if access to the local numbers from regions other than above capital cities. Mobile phone service providers charge mobile rates to access these services).
  • Calling cards Rates may be higher for calls to mobile in some regions and countries.
  • Call durations are shown on one full use of a $10 phonecard.
  • Phone card rates do not apply to calls to satellite & operator assisted calls.
  • phonecard rates shown in $AUS per minute.
  • Call charged in increment blocks.
Available from  local retailer shop around Australia or can be purchased online from Hello Asia phone card
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3 Responses to 'Hello Asia Callingcard'

  1. romeo i. acuna - October 1st, 2007 at 10:30 am

    during the last 2 weeks, i am having problems with HELLO ASIA phone cards. many times, i will not be able to connect – the recording will start saying “your current balance will allow you to talk for…..”, then it will get cut and when i tried again, i lost 40 cents. i will try again the same thing will happen and i will lose 70 cents and try again and will lose 50 cents. i tried calling their customer service but nobody answers it’s either music or a recording will say the office is closed. i will not buy this card anymore until i hear from them and i am a big user, about 4-5 cards every week.

  2. Mrs. Prado - December 23rd, 2007 at 12:31 am

    2 days ago, I tried to use the $5.00 Hello Asia phonecard to the philippines and the usual 43 or 50 minutes allowed per recording it gives me 8 minutes. Are you experiencing any problems with your phonecards now? I have used Hello Asia for a long time and I even recommend them to my friends and now all of a sudden I got this problems with allowed time? Pls explain…

  3. Ryan - December 30th, 2007 at 8:24 pm

    I had the same problems with my Hello Asia phone card. Some store accept the return but the store where I bought mine closed. The store that I went to today indicates that there is an ongoing problem with Hello Asia phone card and they will accept the return as long as you bought the card from their store. I bought so many of these cards and I have about 6 more cards left($30 worth). If you still remember where you bought your card, try to return them before it is too late. I am telling you this because I couldn’t return mine anymore. They won’t work when trying to call domestic either. Right now I am screwed with these phone cards and I am putting a complain in better business bureau for this.

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