Green Phone Card

green phone card 

Green Phone Card Highlight

  • No Connection Fee , Nationwide coverage, Rechargeable,
    High quality connections (no internet telephony) ,
    7/24-hour customer service, Grren Phonecard prompts available in 4 languages.
  • 2.5c per min.- China-Benjing,
  • 2.9c per min.- Homg Kong (Including Mobiles), Canada(Including Mobiles), China(Including Mobiles), Netherlands, Singapore, UK
  • 7.2c per min.-Malaysia-Mobile
  • 4.8c per min.- Thailand-Bangkok
  • 5.3c per min- Indonesia-Jakarta
  • 25.4c per min- Indonesia-Mobile
  • 3.9c per min.- Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Taiwan(Taipei), USA (Including Mobiles),
  • 3.2c per min.- Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur
  • 69c per min.- Vietnam
Connection Fee $0
Customer Service More/Other Information please call 1300 663 570
Rates Effective Rates correct as Feb, 2006
Green Phone card Terms and Conditions
  • Not responsible for lost, stolen and unauthorized use. No cash refunds. Terms and conditions apply.
  • UK Special and Premium Services (+445, +4470, +4471+4472, +4484, +4487)charged at higher rate and may be blocked.
  • Green phonecard rates show in $AUS per minute based on local access dialing.
  • Local calls timed & charged per minute.
  • Calls to Satellite mobiles, mobiles & special number are charged at higher rates.
  • Calls originating from mobile phones may be charged by the mobile phone carrier.
  • All rates GST inclusive
  • Local call charges apply when using local access numbers. Calls made from mobile phones may be charged by the mobile phone carrier.
  • Expiry 3 months from first use or last recharge.
    Maximum call duration 5 hours
  • All calls billed initially at 18 seconds, then all subsequent periods of 2 minutes.
  • Green phonecard rates are subject to change without notice.
  • Call charges rounded up to the nearest cent.

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