Calling card Glossary

Billing Increments / Call Rounding
Indicates how the actual length of a phone call is translated into billed time. Companies typically bill a minimum of 1 minute per call, and round calls up to the nearest minute. Some cards have 3 minute rounding – this means that the call will be rounded to the nearest number divisible by 3. For example, a 10 minute call will be charged as 12 minutes.

Multiple Calling Option
A feature on some calling cards that allows the user to make successive calls without redialing the access number and account billing information. With multiple calling, a user simply hits the disconnect button or pound (#) key twice to make the next call.

Connection Fee
A fee charged on every call that is made.

Country Code and City Code
Two or three digit codes used for International calls outside of the North American Numbering Plan area codes. For example, a calling card dialing instructions may say the following: Dial 011 + country code + city code + local phone number. You would then enter 011 + 91 + 22 + 123 4567 where 91 = India, 22 = Bombay)

A public (or private) telephone that requires coins or encoded credit cards to initiate a call.

Payphone Fee
Additional charge per call if if call is made using a payphone, normally collected for the owner of the payphone. When a person uses a prepaid calling card, although the access number is generally toll free, a fee is still charged which reduces the balance of the calling card. This is mandated by the government to compensate payphone owners for the use of their phone.

Personal Identification Number (PIN)
Personal unique security codes that callers use to access their calling card balance.

Rechargeable calling card
A calling card which can be refilled with calling minutes by the addition of funds to the calling card account. This allows continued use without the purchase of a new card or a new PIN.

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